21 March 2008

um, duh?

ok, i admit it. i watch tlc's a baby story as often as i can. i like to see how women react to pregnancy and child birth. it's totally fascinating.

but my one problem with EVERY child delivery room nurse, is their dialogue. now, i'm not sure if it's part of their intensive nurse training, or if it's just a fun thing they like to do because it's just *so* helpful and insightful to these mothers who are in labor.

imagine you are in labor, you've been pregnant for 9 months, and you are ready to kick this baby out to go live in it's own apartment now. you're feet are up and your contractions come and your natural instinct tells you to push. so you push. with all your might. until your face turns red and you are exhausted. you take a breath, start over, and the nurse proceeds to tell you, "pushpushpushpushpushpushpushpush." i believe i would like to stop pushing, look at this astute and wise nurse and, "what the hell do you think i am doing?"

dear nurses, please think of something better and more motivational than that. i beg you.

on an entirely different note, john and i watch jeopardy at night while we eat dinner usually (hot pockets and alex trebeck! how can one go wrong?) and while john is ridiculously good at jeopardy and trivia and things that i am not good at, i watch it and enjoy yelling out answers that are neither correct, nor make sense in most cases.

last night the column had something to do with "cy" being a pun, maybe "cy" of relief or the likes of that. i can't even remember what the question was, or the real answer for that matter, but he was looking for the name of a country that had "cy" in it's name, and just to illustrate how *i* play jeopardy, i shouted out my answer before john could give the correct answer, and that was "CYBORGLAND!"
the game isn't as much about me ruining it for john; really i just like to be involved.

needless to say, i was very pleased with myself. especially when he almost choked on his hot pocket laughing at my answer.

w00t, cyborgland.


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