29 March 2008

do you want an extra dog with that?

so yesterday we went to get casey some food, and our friend that owns the pet shop asked if we found another dog yet. and we said no, it's gotta be the perfect dog. she said she had one she was looking to find a home for and brought her out, and like a rabbit from a hat, it was exactly what i imagined would be the perfect sister for casey!

so, it's 6:30 on my day off to sleep in, and i am on the computer after taking the dogs out to go do their business, which, she has been kind enough to only do outside so far!

this photo is of casey and his new (foster) sister, zelda. and this was right before he growled at her to say, "sister, that's a little too close to my back, step off."
and she did! and that was the only growl our grouchy old man of a son has offered.

that makes me feel all warm and gooey.


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