19 November 2007

baby got it goin' on

go here and watch this clip.

it is seriously amusing.

17 November 2007

pass it on

we like to go to starbucks on saturday mornings sometimes. it's nice to not have to make our own coffee every once in a while. while we were waiting in line at the drive through, it seemed like the transaction ahead of us was taking a little extra time, which was fine, because casey was hanging out on my lap and really we were in no hurry because it's a loungey saturday and we have no urgent plans. mostly we three were curious to see if casey was going to get a dog biscuit. sometimes i think the baristas are not dog lovers and they forget to treat our pets. so anyway, we get to the window and i keep trying to give my card to the gal, and she makes what seems like a concerted effort to not take my card. she hands me a coffee, and then a dog biscuit, all while not taking my debit card.

she then proceeds to tell us that the gal ahead of us bought our drinks! i was so floored and so appreciative that people do things like that. she explained that the gal who bought our drinks had someone buy her drink for her yesterday and that it made her day and she wanted to pass it on.

i just want people that do this to know that it won't end here. i am happy to pass it on. and i hope that you will, too.

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