30 December 2013

printable thank yous!

our hearts are full, and now it's time to give our thanks. one of my personal missions this year is to send more letters. for little things + big things, for thoughtfulness and everything in between. every time i walk past the packs of thank you cards at Target i peek in and see what new designs they have. i won't lie, i buy them when i find a pack that i just can't live without, even when i know i could make something similar myself. but time always escapes me, so occasionally i give in and say, "fine! i admit it! i don't have the time!" in the post-holiday/new year spirit, i've been cleaning and reorganizing my studio. i needed a quick creative break, so i decided to whip up some quick thank you notes for the boys to send for their many awesome gifts they received. and because i want to foster the idea of others sending more mail, too, i'm sharing the file i made right here. i printed ours on some pretty and shimmery blue paper i had, and i have to say, i think they turned out pretty cute.

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