21 May 2008

if you took a holiday....oh yeah, oh yeah.

Today marks the first day of my vacation, which we are calling a stay-cation. So far I have spent the day working on organizing my studio so I can actually do work (son) in it. Which I happen to think is a stellar idea. However, the in between part of the messy and the organized is just dreadful. I have been sorting through what I figure is approximately 20 inches of paper, sheet by sheet, and finding some to get rid of! Normally I like to throw nothing away, but when I find myself with no place to put the things I want to buy, I want to cry. Because I love to spend monies. I am taking a break after giving a vomitrocious dog of mine a bath and enjoying my back porch for a few while the dogs sun themselves. Really I am not taking a break so much as I am playing supervisor to make sure that neither bath hating dogs has reason to punish the whole family with bath time.

So far, so good.

11 May 2008

my mom is totally cooler than your mom.

my parents had us kids probably a little younger than they would have liked, if i had to guess. but that certainly didn't stop them from being incredible parents.

i have heard that people have criticized the way they chose to raise us, but i guarantee you that my sister and brother and i are all much stronger people than some kids who were coddled all the while as they were growing.

my mom is an incredible artist, a master gardener, a generous and loving woman, and i think somehow she has more hours in the day than i do. i admire her, i appreciate her, and today {and everyday}, i honor her.

happy mother's day, momma.

06 May 2008

happy seis de mayo!

um, yeah. this year continues to ZIP past in such an obnoxious fashion, only stopping to stick it's tongue out at me before it runs off again.

i keep saying it's gonna be christmas before i know it! which, i need to start planning our third annual stocking stuffer sale now so i don't have to spend two sleepless weeks preparing for it! and since my old bff is no longer my friend *at all*, evidently, i have no one to help me prep!

on another note, my new bff and i are celebrating our 2 month anniversary. although it seems like it should be our 6 year anniversary.

lots of love to the boy under the stairs!

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