25 August 2008

"only the little people pay taxes"

nicely stated, leona helmsley.

on that note, i met with my accountant today. and just like the last four meetings with tax preparers/accountants, i left feeling totally discouraged and depressed. just when i think i have a handle on my tax situation, i am off in the numbers department by at least $500. and that, my friends, turns me into a big, fat baby. i didn't cry this time at her table, but man, it was close.

and on *that* note, i find myself at the point where i have to decide if continuing on this crafty journey is right for me, financially, that is.

wish me luck!

13 August 2008

:: to do ::

i have not been hiding out so much lately, it's just that i have been so busy i can hardly keep my head on straight. i am certainly not complaining; it's just been a whirlwind!

between taking all kinds of awesome custom orders for various old and new clients, taking the little doggie to the vet, and working 40 hours a week at my day job, i find myself kind of tired some days lately.

zelda is doing fine from her trip to the vet, but the poor girl has to be a conehead for 8 days! she's been a great sport about it; she just doesn't love it. can you blame her?

i was working on my to do list and it looked something like this:

make 10 custom cards for mary
make 30 custom cards for networking group
make 3 custom birthday cards
make 50 custom wedding cards, thank you notes, response cards, and direction cards for val's wedding
make 40 custom skully santa cards for holly
make k. grezz's receipt book
make renee more sample promo cards to send out
make pirate sketch book
make skully santa cards for etsy shop
make an "idea book" for etsy shop
make custom chandelier stationery for gemini5757
make proofs for september cards for realtor clients
make promo stuff for k. grezz
make 100 note cards for anne

i think that's it? i'm totally sure it's not! but that is ok.

i am busy, work keeps coming, and it is good.

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