19 September 2008

on a far stupider note

i saw this on her website the other day.

and i have to say, i think it's so amazingly stupid, and stupidly amazing. i love it. my husband said it makes him sick to his stomach. i kind of love that, too.

at any rate, if you value your time, probably don't watch it. but if you, like me, like to be amused by ridiculous videos that make no sense, well then, please, do enjoy.

18 September 2008

the price of the memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings.

counting crows.

i am sad and happy today. an amazingly incredible woman and dear friend from my networking group passed away yesterday afternoon. she was diagnosed with cancer last year, and yesterday she quietly made her peace with this life here on earth.

she is one of the most dignified, graceful and compassionate people i will even know, and i am so sad for her family to be without her. and yet i am happy. happy for her, and happy for them, knowing that she is no longer suffering (although to see her you would never, ever have know what a fight she was putting up.)

all of us gals in this group do not think we would have it in us to fight that fight like she did, and we will all always remember her for that.

she will be so sorely missed and never forgotten.

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