25 February 2009

super sampler

i have had this camera for who knows how long and i have only begun to start learning how to use it.

john took this photo of my brother-in-law and me in our backyard. i think it's delightful.

05 February 2009

a new year, a new something.

it's not that i haven't been crafting and creating, i just haven't had anything intelligent to write up here. i don't know why, really. maybe because i'm not nearly as funny as i think i am? perhaps.

a friend of mine has a very sick friend and she asked me to make a journal for her. behold, my latest project:

yes, it's just a journal. but look closely and you will see how i have used old pieces of scrap paper with printing on the other side in an effort to be a greener citizen.

so i folded all the pages and the spiral bound the unfolded ends so that if you don't want to ever see the printed pages, you don't have to! huzzah.

i am going to be making more of these in various sizes in the near future. why? because it feels *so* good to recycle.

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