28 July 2008

could i *be* any more boring?

as no one will notice, because lucky for me, no one reads this, i haven't posted much here lately.

i would have been blahgging, and that's just not good for anyone. i have either been busy with orders {awesome!} or not inspired. boo. i had one set of two weeks that i was so busy i hardly saw my husband as i had i think 5 or 6 orders, and while it would have been wise to take photos of the hard work i had been doing, i was just too busy to even think straight.

so, am i here today, to say that i *still* want to take more photos and blog more often.

this week i am working on some assortment card packs for some gals in my networking group, and i hereby vow to take photos of the at least the finished product, if not some photos of the trip along the way!

if you are out there, feel free to encourage me!

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