21 May 2008

if you took a holiday....oh yeah, oh yeah.

Today marks the first day of my vacation, which we are calling a stay-cation. So far I have spent the day working on organizing my studio so I can actually do work (son) in it. Which I happen to think is a stellar idea. However, the in between part of the messy and the organized is just dreadful. I have been sorting through what I figure is approximately 20 inches of paper, sheet by sheet, and finding some to get rid of! Normally I like to throw nothing away, but when I find myself with no place to put the things I want to buy, I want to cry. Because I love to spend monies. I am taking a break after giving a vomitrocious dog of mine a bath and enjoying my back porch for a few while the dogs sun themselves. Really I am not taking a break so much as I am playing supervisor to make sure that neither bath hating dogs has reason to punish the whole family with bath time.

So far, so good.


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