07 March 2008

good morning, friday

i have every other friday off work. while today is not my day off, i still love a good friday.

every morning, i wake up at 6:30, earlier than i need to, so that i can read people's blogs. it's like eating candy at 6:30 in the morning. i get so inspired by what people write about and what they are doing in their lives, that it gives me a good jump start and a positive attitude to start the day.

i love stumbling upon new blogs. in fact, i may have to start devoting some time to the internet when i get home from work, too, so that i can read all the blogs that i want to read!


...oooh...I love your blog name!! he he...pirates do need presents, too =) It sounds like a good idea checking out blogs in the morning..and Fridays are great! in fact, we have "pirate fridays" here: everyone wears a skull shirt...=) he he...happy day!

Hey Man! Just dropping by to checkout ur blog...very cool!!

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