15 December 2008

two sizes too small

it has come to my attention that i am a bit of a grinch this year. usually i get excited for the spirit of the season, and this year, i just feel like it will be here and gone and then, well, we move on to next year. the last few years my enthusiasm has waned. i don't like shopping for the holidays; i bought about 97% of my holiday gifts online (mostly at etsy!) and was content to pay for shipping and not battle for parking spots. we have watched almost all of our christmas movies, and put up almost all of our decorations, but still, there is just a bit of a void that i don't know how to fill.

perhaps it's the lack of snow that normally signifies the coming of the season. and while i won't argue with being able to wear flip flops in colorado in the winter, i feel like the snow helps set the tone for holidays for me.

i dunno. i will continue to seek out the christmas spirit, and if anyone has any suggestions, i would love to hear them.

just don't nominate me for the cheermeister award. my lederhosen are at the dry cleaners.


it's a realization intelligent people come to at some point in their lives: Christmas is commercialized bullshit. ::nods::

Merry Christmas! :-D

Hey i got your super rad journal today... stay tuned i'll blog about it prob tomorrow or thurs.

SIDENOTE: I just got THE coolest word verification: KILLA

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