26 November 2008

new project!

so i'm cooking up a new project. i have a notebook that i bring around with me, but it doesn't do all that i dream a notebook should do. i always have inspiration for new journals or new cards or new projects, so my new project is a project book!

it's roomy inside, too. with a place to do a sketch and a place to write the specifics, it's all you little crafties could dream of!

and, since this is my first one and is kinda rough around the edges, i'm giving it away!

and, since there are only three of you who read my blog, that means your odds to win that baby are incredible!

just leave me a comment and tell me what new project you are inspired about for a chance to win!


I know how you feel with updating your blog!!!! What a CUTE idea.

I am really excited about sewing. learning how to sew in a straight line and the possibilities that could unleash for me!!!

Love your site, i'll be back for more!

Cute! I've been inspired by a mustache fish..it will become a bag, eventually!

Super cute!

I'm always inspired by everything i see! I've really been drooling over a metal clay kit... hopefully *someone* will get it for me for Christmas!

I have so many ideas once that shows up!! :)

I love the typewriter design! I actually do a bit of journalling for my daughter. I've been keeping little momentos & keepsakes through the past couple of years & stuffing them in her journal. :)

And my brain is forever ticking over new ideas & things I want to do...it's just finding the TIME to be dr. seuss with a sewing machine!


this is the cutest! I want one!

i've been trying to teach myself to crochet, but it's not working out exactly as planned!!

i guess i'll stick with basic knitting.

Super cute book! I love it! I've been inspired to take photos lately.. tis all.

I want to start making mole bags, layering and cutting away to show the different layers and textures. It looked awesome, I just need space to do it! Great blog page by the way!

What a lovely idea for a journal! I am always sketching things in my lined journals or writing things on my sketchpad - it would be great to be able to have a spot to do both!
Right now I am excited about a Frida Kahlo doll I am about to start work on. I already have fabric samples and sketches in a messy little folder. I am hoping to have her finished in about a week (need to finish a cute biker guy first).


I have been inspired to make a coffee cuff I have the idea in my head just need to see where it goes

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