12 February 2008


my boss just told me that sometimes she says things like they are and that she needs to be more careful before she just says these things.  then she said, really, she did, that i am a good influence on her because i am always so thoughtful about how i say things, that i am very tactful.  that was right before i laughed out loud and said, i wish i could have recorded you saying that so i could play it for my husband and my family. 
i am incredibly tactful and thoughtful about the things that come out of my mouth while i am at work.  you almost wouldn't believe that it was me.  evidently, based on my gut reaction to chuckle at her comment, it is apparent that i need to work on it in the rest of my life.  makes me realize that in general, in my life, i have gotten better at it than when i was 16, but i still probably have a ways to go on that. 
but it was such a nice thing to know that she feels like as her employee that i. have. tact. 


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